Do not handle Chiclets or the TS4231 with hard tools like tweezers or pliers.

Do handle Chiclets with soft tools like your fingers. When inserting the chiclets into your tracked object prototype fixture it is best to use your fingers. Don't pick-up the chiclet by the TS4231 WLCSP package with tweezers.

Separating a Panel of Chiclets into Individual Chiclets 

Chiclets are shipped with the HDK in a panel of 40 chiclets. You need to separate or singulate the individual chiclets from the panel. Here's our approved method for gently separating the chiclets...

Start with the Full Panel

Grip the top of the panel by the outer panel rail with your fingers. With your other hand grip the right-hand outer rail panel and bend to break off the right-hand rail.

Repeat the process to break off the remaining outer rails.

To break off the final outer rail, grip the middle tabs between two-three columns of chiclets and break off the remaining outer rail.

Now you should have four rows of 10 chiclets with the outer rails removed.

Separate the chiclets into columns of four

Again, holding the chiclets with the fingers of one hand on the tabs between chiclet columns gently bend one column of chiclets back and forth to free the column from the other chiclets as shown below.

After separating the chiclet columns into ten columns of four chiclets each, proceed to separating the individual chiclets from the column. Gently hold a chiclet with your fingers and bend the connecting tab back and forth to singulate the individual chiclets.

Removing the "Mouse Bite" tabs from the individual chiclets

You should now have singulated or individual chiclets that have small protuberances (or tabs) with little holes that are often call "mouse bites." To remove these small tabs you should hold the chiclet with your fingers and grip the tab with pliers. Gently press down on the chiclet to break-off the chiclet from the tab as shown below.

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