The SteamVR hardware ID is used to identifiy the specific hardware design that an HDK is used within and also the specific sensor IC that is being used.

A Hardware ID (also called Hardware Revision) is a 32bit unsigned integer notated in Hexidecimal format.  The upper 7 nibbles of this word are a unique identifier and the lowest 1 nibble denotes the Sensor IC that is used.

By default the HDK unique identifier is 0x9003000x where the x nibble denotes the Sensor IC.

The following table shows the decoder for sensor type:

x=4 represents TS3633 is in use
x=6 represents TS4231 is in use

Any other value for x is not recommended for Triad Supplied HDKs.

The Hardware ID is read and written to while the HDK is in Bootloader mode.  To place the HDK into Bootloader mode, use the following command:

lighthouse_watchman_update -bw3

After this command is issued the MCU LED will quickly flash RED.

After USB communcation re-enumerates, the Hardware ID can be read with the following command:

lighthouse_watchman_update -aw3

To write a new Hardware revision, the following command can be used:

lighthouse_watchman_update -Bw3 0x90030006

This command will write the new hardware revision and reboot the HDK back to normal application mode.

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