Triad's new SteamVR Tracking HDK is tiny at 43mm x 14.5mm x 8.07mm.

The new HDK packs all the tracking power of the original HDK and it is optimized for hand-held controllers or tracked object.

In the movie Ready Player One one of the characters is Akihide Karatsu. He is a Gunter (OASIS Easter Egg Hunter) alongside his in game friend Daito.

In the OASIS game he goes by the name Shoto.

The two character's names together (Diato and Shoto) form Daisho which is a Japanese term for the long and short swords traditionally worn by samurai.

Shoto or "short sword" seemed like an appropriate name for our new HDK since it allows for the creation of tracked objects that easily fit into the user's hand.

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