Application Expansion Connector

Buttons or haptics for a Shoto-based Tracked Object are not implemented on the Shoto Core Module. Instead, the Shoto Core Module contains a high density flex printed circuit (FPC) connector on the bottom of the Shoto Core Module as shown in the image below.

The connector J3 is a 33 position 0.3mm pitch connector that accepts an FPC. The connector accepts a small FPC that connects the Shoto Core Module to your custom button/haptic board. The FPC is a one-for-one connection from the Core Module to the expansion or application board. 

Our initial FPC design is 5.9mm long. Alternative length FPCs can be designed. We can make the design files for the FPC available to you if you need to design a custom FPC. We are available to help here as needed.

I/O Connections on the Expansion Connector

The J3 connector exposes several core module signals to the expansion connector allowing this signals to be brought over to your custom application board.

All of the MCU_GPIO_n signals are available for button input detection or haptic actuators. Additionally, the FLEX_A_MOSI and FLEX_A_MISO signals can be used to detect button presses.

Buttons on Custom Application Board

Below is an example circuit for a momentary switch implemented on a Custom Application Board. Connect one of the MCU GPIO signals through a 33 ohm resistor with a 0.1uF cap and 3.3V ESD protection device connected to ground between the output of the resistor and the momentary switch. See example circuit below

COMING SOON - Order Expansion FPC Connector
COMING SOON - Example Custom Application Expansion Board

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