You have unboxed your Shoto HDK, inserted the flex cables, connected to USB, started lighthouse_console, and run the sensorcheck command.  You are seeing sensor locations that are not reporting hits or reporting very low hits compared to the other sensor locations...what do you do?

First, make sure you have followed all of the steps on the Shoto HDK Getting Started webpage.  You will find the link to this page on the welcome card that came with your Shoto HDK kit and at the address below:

If you have already done that, you also need to know that there is one sensor location on each flex cable that is non-functional.  It is the middle sensor (position 7 counting from either end) on the flex cable.  When both flex cables are inserted into the HDK connectors, these bad locations will show up on the sensorcheck output as SensorID #12 and #13.  The Hello World link referenced above discusses this.

If you see hits on #12 and #13, they can be ignored as those locations are just picking up noise.  The issue with the middle sensors on each flex cable is that one of the TS4231 inputs is floating, so it can report noise pickup as hits, but usually at a MUCH lower hit-rate than sensors that are working.  You can view this article for instructions on how to perform a hand-fix for the middle sensors if you need them.  If you don't need them, there is no harm in leaving them alone.

Next, you should try checking the insertion of the flex cables into the Shoto core module.  They are a tight fit and you should check that they are inserted completely.  I have seen a "partial insertion" show up as some sensors not responding at all or reporting lower hit rates.  Also make sure that the black locking latch on the Shoto flex connector is "down" in the locked position.  You can refer to this section of the Hello World documentation for help with cable insertion:

Another thing you should check is that ALL sensors are in line-of-sight of the basestation.

If you are still having trouble getting the sensors to work, try:

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