SENSOR_A by default is connected to the ENVELOPE (E) pin of the TS4231. And, the SENSOR_B is by default connected to the DATA (D) pin.

There is also the ability to swap the E and D pins on a per sensor basis in the JSON file.

JSON File Snippet:

"type": "Lighthouse_HMD",
   "firmware_config": {
      "mode": "controller",
      "vrc": true,
      "trackpad": true,
      "trigger": true,
      "spi_flash": true,
      "radio": true,
      "bwd_config" :"0x392B"

The parameter, "sensor_env_on_pin_a" is a 32-bit vector which allows you to swap the location of the ENVELOPE pin on a per sensor basis. As shown in the example above, all 32 bits are set to '1' meaning that the E pin is on A for all 32 sensors. Setting any of the 32 bits to zero would then swap E to SENSOR_B and D to SENSOR_A. This feature is to help with flex layout because there may be some cases where you need to swap the E and D pin routing for the most efficient layout.

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