Checking Connections

Ensure that the cables are seated firmly in the connector. Connections are almost always the first to check in any troubleshooting situation, so its worth a quick look. Don't force anything!

The likely cause of the sensors not working is that the Shoto HDK is on USB power and has both 13-sensor flex assemblies connected at the same time.

Resetting the power to the sensor flex assemblies

Using lighthouse_console, we will turn off and turn on again the sensorflex assemblies to get them to start up properly.

if you have already tried executing "sensorcheck", run it again for it to return "0".

Issue the FPGA write command to turn outputs to the sensors off:

"fpgawrite 0x22 0x00"


"fpgawrite 0x22 0x10F"

This should enable sensorcheck to start registering hits again on all but the 12/13 position sensors:

It works! As long as the HDK is not disconnected, it should continue to work.

Note: this issue only occurs on Shoto HDKs connected via USB, so using a battery will eliminate the need to restart the sensor flex assemblies. Check the below link for recommendations on li-po batteries.

As always, be careful with the lithium polymer batteries! 

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