There may be a time where you need to know how the sensor numbering corresponds to the connectors on the Shoto HDK.

Here's the pinout for the 13 sensor flex assembly:

Pin 1 starts on the right side of the top connector if the Shoto board is facing up. Pins alternate as the pin number increases, with pin 2 on the opposite side of pin 1:

Pin 1:

Pin 2:

...and onward to 43

J1 pinout shown here (inverted due to 2D view, labeled with net name):

Pinout for J1 tabulated below:

Pinout for J2 is:

Keep in mind there is a silkscreen layer on the back of each sensor assembly that
designates the specific sensor connected to the Shoto HDK. Both J1 and J2 are listed; the corresponding sensor number is determined depending on which side the sensor flex cable is connected.

That about wraps it up!

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