The TS4231 is a second-generation Light-to-Digital Converter IC for laser based tracking and is compatible with Valve's SteamVR Tracking.

The TS4231 adds a DATA output that is a digital representation of the modulated infrared light hitting the attached photodiode.

In the TS3633, the ENVELOPE output was asserted anytime the photodiode was exposed to modulated infrared light with a modulation frequency between 1MHz and 5MHz. The TS4231 keeps the ENVELOPE signal and adds a DATA output that tracks the carrier modulation. Additionally, the carrier or pulse frequency range has been extended from 5MHz up to 10MHz.

The DATA output enables higher-speed digital data to be sent from base stations to tracked objects on the modulated IR LEDs and modulated swept laser beams.

This DATA output can be used to support various disambiguation schemes that will support higher tracking refresh rates, more base stations, and arraying of base stations to cover larger tracked spaces.

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